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Sunday, May 2, 2010

MidNight Sale...!! Crazy Time!!

it was fun night with unexceptable things that happened.. well atleast i still got that "fun" part..any way this is what im wearing 1.Black Washed Bilabong T-shirt
2.Dark Blue Skinny Jeans 3.Deep Purple Marteens Boots..


  1. hahahahahah...gimana rasaN bu ketika lagi sale???
    nti kl ad sale lagi bagi2 infoN y??
    boleh ni kapan2 w d make over gt sm L??

  2. ahahah bisa aja lo... seru abis ngeborong noh gk liat kantong segede gaban?

    ayu mari make overnya pake rok yay

  3. I have told you why you do not become a super model?
    I guest you'll be FAMOUS SUPER MODEL * i wish:)

    *keep FABULOUS baby <3


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